“Illicit snowboarding is bar none the funniest/wittiest snowboard website ever. They don't give a shit about taking the piss out of anything. If you haven't already, check out illicit snowboarding’s archives, funny, funny shit. Thank you illicit snowboarding!”  Mike Ranquet

“Complete douches trying too hard to be funny and failing miserably at it.” bladepsychoSnowbird

“I just discovered your website and I LOVE it!! Thank you so much for the great full of humour!! Finally another way to look at it all. Thank you!”  Anne Flore Marxer

“Nazi Get fucked. Go back to eating Cheetos in your mother's basement, you consumerist bourgeois hedonist scum and stay out of Russia's affairs. Fucking Westerners. Decadent themselves and want to tell everyone else how to live.”  Anonymous

“Yeah it's good shit. Proper opinions and FUN.”  Ed Blomfeld, Whitelines Editor

The British dont only have bad teeth, they have poor research skills. Anonymous

“Only now, after seeing it from your perspective, can I laugh at the look, while getting a bit defensive. Lucky for me those lame outfits did not scare away the hot girls, which was a pretty high priority for me when not surfing, snowboarding or skateboarding.”  Tom Sims

Haters = Sooo Sad + You took the time to post this now thats funny You need a HOBBY” Jesse Csincsak

“boobies…yay!” Anonymous

“Once again, my favourite snowboard website has made the internet better. Jesus. How good is this guy?”  Snowstoked

“i think somebody is jealus here...nothing more” Pechy

“Genius. Stands out from the rest of the snowsport blogs out there, which are mostly sick-dude-boarder-on-huge-kicker, pimping for holiday companies or a lot of boring buy-more-stuff posts. Bit of originality for a change!” Misplaced Person

“This blog had me laughing like an idiot. Love the blog - keep it coming xx” Dave [Thanks for the kisses Dave]

“This is amazingly funny. Can't believe I didn't discover you sooner”  Mike Benson, Knife Show

“i dont get the person who did this?? obviously the maker is a clam in his mums house at 42? or someone who just never got laid...peace on” Brownie


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