Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Lost World of Snowbaord

The one thing that's had the largest effect on snowboarding in the last few years has been the rise of the internet. By that, what I mean is the rise of the internet and it's keyboard-mashing hordes has directly effected the word 'snowboard'. Never before has one word been spelled so many different ways by so many different people. Today we take a look at what happens to some of those sad misspelled snowboards after they are launched from Twitter into the unwelcoming abyss of the interweb...

Here's where we found that picture we shared on the Twitter and Facebook the other day. Just one dropped 'r' and this great picture was almost lost for all time before we were lucky enough to be able to rescue it...


Answer: Nothing

The rare sight of a wild snowbaord before it was tamed into becoming just another snowboard.


We've got a Celebrity Snowboader - It's former professional footballer... 

& and a Celebrity Snowbaorder - It's former Red Dwarf robot...

This is a section we'd like to call: People who should know better...

Looking forward to seeing Signal make a Snowbaord next Every Third Thursday. Toughest challenge yet.

These guys got a little bit needy with their attempts to get some extra coverage. Sadly their spelling didn't improve and the great Shaun White wasn't able to give his seal of approval.

£169 to learn to snowbaord with the added benefit of being the only person on earth to master it.

Too fucked-up on energy drinks to spell.

Pictured: A man snowbaording

There were no winners

Who went to the Snowboad Expo?

#snowboar has a lot of fans...

And finally there's these guys

No surprise they got it wrong. What a bunch of cnuts.

And that's Twitter done. Next time we'll take a look at the rest of the internet, then of course, there's this guy's whole life...


  1. Luckily I'm too busy fuggin up complex words like "the" "and" "ads" and "not" to even worry about snowboard, and of course there is the always lovely google for goggle and vice versa.

  2. Check Our site for Snowboard...


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