Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shaun White and the Scary World of Celebrity Fan Art

Shaun White is the first real celebrity snowboarder. Sure there have been, and are now, plenty of other well-known snowboarders, but they are only really recognized by other snowboarders. Shaun White on the other hand has a profile that reaches far outside of our little sporting world. There are many benefits to being a celebrity, $9million a year being the most obvious, but there are also drawbacks and one of those drawbacks is a pretty frightening bunch of fans and their need to produce pictures of Shaun White. Shaun White fan art seems to split into four categories: good, bad, cartoons and a nice bit of old fashioned stalking. Thankfully that first category has so few examples we can miss it entirely and concentrate on the freaky ones...

The gallery of lots of effort, but little success 
Shaun White - painted in the blood of the artist

Shaun White - in the standard fan art pose, painted in the medium of despair

Shaun White - again in the standard fan art pose, this time with a caveman twist

Shaun White - with gender issues

Shaun White - fucking hates helmets

Shaun White - smoking crack in heaven

Shaun White - with massive cloth lips

The gallery of cartoons
Shaun White - and his friend the poo

Shaun White - at the Olympics, as a girl again

Shaun White - at the Olympics, as a fox

Shaun White - at the Olympics, as a fox, on a lightening-powered skateboard

Shaun White - not always a fox, sometimes he's horny

Shaun White - as Mick Jagger

The gallery of obsessive fan stalking

Shaun White - spooning

Shaun White - shady

Shaun White - Hawt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shaun White - OMG

Shaun White - Look into my eyes

Shaun White - deal?

Shaun White - emotional emoticons 

Shaun White - How did you get past security?

Shaun White - Every night before you go to bed you clean your teeth and...

Still, at least he get's paid $9 million a year.

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