Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Few GOOD Kazakhstani Snowboard Designs

Some interesting snowboard designs all the way from Kazakhstan. They were produced as a design experiment by a marketing and PR agency called GOOD...

Spotting that the current snowboard design market is dominated by patterns, the GOOD guys decided they wanted to produce something different by using pictures that suited the shape of a snowboard. It got my attention as I was idly browsing the interweb, so I reckon they might just have something here.
They explain the thing you've probably noticed:  Frankly, the whales are not fish, mammals it :) Just "The Big Fish" sounds better than "The Big Mammals" and we decided to tell a lie :)
And they didn't stop with fish, they also tried a few other ideas out too...
They also had a crack at designing some helmets
And, although it's not in anyway snowboard related, I quite liked their wiff-waff paddles
If you were wondering, Kazakhstan is actually a pretty decent snowboard destination, particularly if you want to trust your life to some hairy ex-Soviet helicopters and try the heliboarding. The guys from Snowsphere visited a few years ago. 

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