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Hot Chalet Girl on Chalet Girl Action – The Surprising Inspiration for the Chalet Girl Movie

Earlier this year the Rom-Com Chalet Girl was released. At the time we didn't go to the trouble of reviewing it, however it recently came to our attention that this seemingly charming movie had a surprising muse. Back in 2008 another movie called Chalet Girl was released and although it went unnoticed and unheralded by the mainstream snowboarding and movie media, the similarities between the two movies are striking. Today we compare them…

In the pink corner – Chalet Girl 2011 (12 Certificate) 
In the blue corner – Chalet Girl 2008 (18 Certificate) 
2011 Chalet
2008 Chalet

2011 Sledging scene
2008 Sledging scene

2011 Shopping scene
Shopping for caviar (the girl on the right is called Tamsin Egerton-Dick although she does drop the Dick part for work)
 2008 Shopping scene
Shopping for fags

2011 Nightclub scene 
Star of the movie, Felicity Jones appears in the bottom right corner 
 2008 Nightclub scene

2011 Surprise nakedness scene 
 2008 Surprise nakedness scene 
That is one happy man

2011 House party scene 
 2008 House party sce... 

WARNING: Things start to get a bit different looking from this point onwards. From here on out the 2001 certificate 12 move does tend to tone down certain aspects of the 2008 version.

2011 The training scene
 2008 The training scene

2008 The hot tub scene
 2011 The hot tub scene

2011 Public nudity scene
 2008 Public nudity scene
Not one of the better scenes of the original movie

2011 Sex in a ski lift scene
 2008 Sex in a ski lift scene

2011 A prick from behind scene
It's snowboarding legend Tara Dakides
Bet you're glad we gave this picture some context
 2011 A prick from behind scene
You don't want to know the context of this one

The one thing that was very apparent in the 2011 movie was the involvement of Roxy. The movie was part funded by them, the riders who appeared in the movie were mostly Roxy riders and their logo appeared throughout.
2011 The sponsor
 2008 The sponsor

100% Fact*
So there you have it. The charming Rom-Com movie Chalet Girl was actually a blatant rip-off of the 2008 porn version. 

You may have noticed a few minor differences. Here are a few other scenes that weren't replicated:
2008 The pussy scene
2008 The incredibly awkward sleeping arrangements scene
2011 The horrifyingly suggestive scene
 2011 The Christian Stevenson has a vagina surprise

*The Fess Up
In reality the two movies are completely different, we've used a huge amount of artistic licence in this article. Chalet Girl (the non-porny one) is actually pretty good and a much better movie than we thought it would be. By our reckoning it's worth a few more points than it's currently got on IMDB.  It is a pretty standard Rom-Com, but it’s been done well and with the bonus of the snowboarding element we’d recommend it. In a nutshell it’s the story of Jenny Jones topped and tailed by the story of Cinderella. The other movie of course has no actual plot at all

I ordered the movies from Amazon, so now I’ll be faced with a year of Amazon recommending some pretty filthy shit.

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