Thursday, December 24, 2009

Snowboarding Celebrity No. 14 – The Snowman


Last Christmas we took a look at the snowboarding legend that is Santa Claus, so this year we take a look at another member of Team Christmas – The Snowman.
Being made largely of snow, the snowman always had a limited choice of sports, but I’m proud that given the choice, he took up snowboarding. Over the years the snowman has been a huge character in the snowboarding scene and he is probably the first snowboarder to ever take up this role...
In spring 2009 in Ruka Finland at the Wappulounas event which was a bit mental, or ‘Scandinavian’ as most people call it, he featured as a jump. 
It’s not the only time our oversized snowboarding friend has made an appearance. Here he is in Austria
What is he tugging on?
Clearly not a guy who favours the more recognisable resorts he also made an appearance in Bethal Maine in 1999 when they made “Angus, King of the Mountain” the largest snowman in the World at 113 foot. Seeing an opportunity to cash in again on the same idea the townsfolk of Bethal copied the idea with a bit of  a cross dressing twist producing the world largest transvestite snowman in 2008 at monstrous 122 foot tall... 
And if you really want your own monster snowboarding snowman these guys will sell you this man sized garden ornament for just $200 
So what’s he like at snowboarding? I thought this film had the answer but I came away just confused.
Just as confusing, but in a different way, is this soft porn pun image.  
The only other film I could find made him out to be some sort of vicious snowboarding bully
Probably the best way to experience what life is like as a snowboarding snowman is this totally immersive game. Behold the loudest snowboarding snowman game ever made

I've enjoyed taking this look into the snowboarding life of the snowman but if there is one thing I have learned, and I really wasn't expecting this at the start, its that the snowman is a huge snowboarding pervert.
That’s about it for this season; I’m off to stuff my face with pies.

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