Thursday, March 4, 2010

Justin Time - Bad Poster, Bad Trailer, Bad Snowboarding. Coming soon to a DVD bargain bin near you.

This amazingly bad movie poster just appeared on Photoshop Disasters
Favourite user comment… “The more I look, the more it feels like I injected vinegar behind my eyes.

Good news for us is that amongst all the visual mess there is some snowboarding to look forward to, although it would appear the guy is snowboarding on a shag-pile carpet. Here’s the trailer which sadly has similar production values to the poster and features a logo plagiarised from Indiana Jones...

And if the brief appearance of a screaming snowboarder in the trailer has got you wanting more, here's an example  of the epic snowboarding scenes that you can look forward to. Clearly there was no budget for stunt double snowboarders.
I wonder which local resort they went to? Do you think it is Sun Valley?

The puntastic Justin Time movie was produced and recently premiered in the entertainment capital of the world – Rexburg, Idaho. Rexburg, a town whose only previous contribution to entertainment was this brief foray into verbal terrorism…

Hopefully this movie might help rebuilt the town’s reputation, but somehow I doubt it will. If for some reason the poster and trailers have still not put you off, the movie is released on March 9th straight to DVD as their slightly defeatist website clarifies.

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