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Nice day for a White Wedding – A Snowboard Wedding Guide

There’s rarely any specific Valentine’s Day coverage in the world of snowboarding news, and if there was any at all this year it was swamped by the tsunami of Olympic coverage. Snowboarding blogs are not the only ones that apparently gave Valentine’s a miss this year, for example the florist that was supposed to deliver flowers to my girlfriend decided not to bother, so I spent the following week in a world of trouble. Having narrowly survived death yet again I think it’s time someone gave the world of snowboarding romance a bit of coverage, so today we take a look at snowboarding themed wedding advice...

Prepare well
Here’s a great video that was organised for someone’s wedding. Keep an eye out for the guy sporting a newspaper Ku Klux Klan hat, a man still proudly sporting a moustache in the 21st century and a lad called B.J. 

Respect the traditions and history
Although I hadn’t heard of snowboarding weddings until just a few weeks ago it has apparently been around for a long time. This movie is from about 1887 if the top hats are anything to go by. It’s also interesting because it’s a very rare example of when a set of step-in bindings would actually come in handy.

Find the right person
One interesting trend with all these weddings is that most of them include one snowboarder and one skier. Years of skier/snowboarder enmity have been cast aside for love. It’s like Romeo and Juliet, just with less suicide.

Bad dancing is a must
There’s probably some very sensible reason for this guy to be dancing at what appears to be a perfectly normal wedding while strapped into a snowboard, but I’m just hoping he was a wedding crasher. 

Invite your guests
Now this is how you crash a wedding. It’s every snowboarder’s duty to follow this man’s example if you ever find yourself in the same situation… 
“We had chosen a lovely semi-secluded spot where Robin White was performing, as he always does, a heartfelt and meaningful ceremony when I happened to look uphill, behind us and noticed two snowboarders watching the goings on with more intent than I would usually expect, when it dawned on me what they were planning. Sure enough an instant later they blasted, one after the other, through our little gathering, off the ledge we were standing on and down the mountainside. I just had time to fall back into the snow to get the entire scene in frame. Instead of being upset David, the groom, and an excellent skier, laughed and said "That`s brilliant, good snowboarders!!”

I’m pretty sure it’s a British snowboarder - looks like he’s wearing a Whitelines beanie...

Take some quality wedding photographs
Here’s a few more interesting examples of snowboard marriage photography...

Studio This photography...

The photo from the title image came from here...

Choose the right season

Chose the right location
A snowboard resort is your classic fairytale wedding location, it’s just the actual snowboarding that looks wrong in a ceremonial setting, but its better if you chose a place with a romance and wedding themed name. Good resort names I can think of include; Loveland, Vail, Cupid Valley (Japan) or Beaver Creek

Loveland have been cashing in on their name for almost 20 years through their ‘Mountain Matrimony’ event which takes place every Valentine’s Day. Starting off as a skier event, but now including the odd snowboarder, a whole load of couples get married on the same day. It’s essentially a bunch of badly dressed skiing Moonies. 

And this year to make things just a little cheaper they added fancy dress
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's wedding

Here’s what’s in store if you want to join in…
Marry Me & Ski Free Participating couples that complete the pre-registration form (below) will be eligible for the $59 “2 for 1” lift tickets the day of the event.  Pre-registered couples will also be eligible to purchase 2-for-1 lunches for $11 including two $11 vouchers good at any Loveland Cafeteria outlet (alcohol excluded). Couples are encouraged to dress in appropriate “ski-wedding” attire as there will be a prize for the best dressed couple. Guests are NOT eligible for the 2 for 1 offer. 
Here are a lot of other rules about what’s NOT included. But you do get cake and beer


Loveland who get some very cheap PR would appear to be the only people that do well from the event. The only upside I can see for the couples is that they get 2 for 1 lift tickets, a saving of just $59. How pikey is that? Loveland don’t even offer two free tickets. I’d rate my dignity at a little bit more than $59.
Small posy of flowers - $10
Buffalo hats - $20
Dignity - $59
For everything else there’s Mastercard. 

A happy ending
Everyone loves a happy ending so here is a good example (if you can live through the Alanis Morissette without being violently ill) of what these weddings are like...

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