Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sequences of Sequences - Resequenced Snowboard Photography

We thought it would be interesting to have a crack at making some gifs, but we didn't just want to produce yet more of the same gifs of video clips that have suddenly started to swamp the internet. We thought we'd take another often maligned form of photography, the sequence shot, and see what would happen if we combined the two. It turns out that you can get some really interesting effects by reanimating sequence photography. See what you think...

First up, it's this photo of John Jackson landing a huge backside double cork. The photo was taken by Scott Serfas during the filming of The Art of Flight and it was good enough to make it into the top 50 of the recent Red Bull Illume contest. 


Fair enough this next one is a ski photo, but it really is an excellent photograph by Dan Carr that also reached the top 50 in the Illume contest and we wanted to have a go at it too.


Next up we tried a different type of sequence shot. This time it's a magazine spread by Rob Mathis.


Then there's this spread out of off of Snowboarder Mag.


And we'll end with a classic, not a classic bit of photography, but a classic moment from history: the moment Lindsey Jacobellis clutched defeat from the jaws of Olympic victory.


But we couldn't leave it there. If there's one thing I've learned about animation, it's that there should always be a happy ending.

Over the years we've seen this moment so many times we've started to feel a strange sense of empathy for Lindsey's plight. She must hate this video, perhaps even more than the music video she released a couple of years ago, because unlike that moment, she can't expunge this one from the web's memory. Every time she watches it she must relive the moment again and again, each time willing herself not to crash, only to be disappointed yet again.

We felt it was time for her to finally catch a break. So today's your lucky day Lindsey, we've fixed it...


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