Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chad's Gap Vintage Snowboard/Ski Poster What We Made

Two years ago I had a crack at producing some vintage snowboard posters. That time out I attempted to change history by taking some classic ski posters and replacing the skiers with snowboarders. It's taken two years to forget what a ball-ache designing a vintage travel poster was, so now I've gone and done it again. This time I've designed the poster from scratch and it just might be the start of a series looking at legendary snowboard spots. I started with Chad's Gap...

If you haven't heard of Chad's Gap, or need a recap, then I suggest you do four things right now:

1. Read section 10 of this here excelled article by Whitelines. Get Some

I'm glad for the sake of this project that the name 'The Nipple' didn't stick.

2. As mentioned in the Whitelines article here's the opening sequence of Pop featuring a fresh-faced Travis Rice almost having his career ended in the "whopercock slam"before going on to dominate the gap.

3. The following year, Chad's Gap chewed-up and spat-out Tanner Hall breaking both his ankles.

4. Go try it.*

Or if you're not a super talented professional snowboarder/skier you could always just buy the poster instead.

4 isn't a must, but feel free to get involved. As always the money we make goes to charity, probably some sort of charity that helps put snowboarders who have tried the jump back together again.

I wanted to get the scale of the thing as accurate as possible, that little blip in the middle is the snowboarder to scale. Here it is all vintagey

If you go for the full size print here's the little fella in actual size

Seeing as it's a legendary spot for both snowboarding and skiing I also produced a skiing version for anyone who's that way inclined 

The posters are now available from our Zazzle store. Click Here

* Attempting Chad's Gap is not recommended for pregnant ladies or children under that age of 3 months, everyone else should be fine. 

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