Thursday, August 7, 2014

Crappy Stock Photography of the Week: Snowboarding in Business Suits

Stock photography is a very strange business, with thousands of photographers around the world trying to eke out a living by trying to anticipate the visual fodder needs of editors or designers. One of the scenarios a numbers of these guys have decided could be the next big requirement is photos of snowboarders in business suits, and some of the results are quite special...

We start off with the quintessential businessman...

 Don Draper

Here's the Mad Man hard-booting. 

I don't know what's worse here, the get-up this lad is sporting, or the desecration of a snowboard used as as a monoski.

Gimpy the snowboarder on his way to the snow.

Kulfoto's definition of a 'funny picture' doesn't make me think the rest of their site is going to be a laugh riot.

Natty matching boots and board snowboarding businessman, bunny hops the shit out of this picture.

"Just use one foot Glen, no one will notice."

Equal look fucking stupid in a business suit.

Business suit, snowboarding, selfies.

That last lady had got this whole business suit stock photography gig down pat. Here's my favourite example of her oeuvre...

All those are great, but this stuff gets even stranger when you turn it into gifs...

Ian Brown, The Stone Roses front man gurning like a champion.

"I'm the king of the world!"

Here's that epic snowboarding businessman crotch shot

This guy is the happiest ginger man snowboarding in a business suit since...

Well, since this...

What a dick. God I'm going to miss this guy. 

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