Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Guide to The 19 Greatest Snowboarder Autogrammkarten

As well as a shared enthusiasm for leather shorts and coach tours, the people of Germany, Austria and Switzerland also love amassing collections of autographed celebrity photo cards. That's been a great opportunity for the region's little-known slalom snowboarders to raise their profiles by banging out a daft photo pose and scrawl all over them. This week we take a look at the best examples of this regionally specific bit of snowboard culture...

19. Simona Meiler turns awkward posing up to level 5000

Knee sponsorship is the future of professional snowboarding

18. Anke Karstens throws a moody Hasselhoff

17. Here's the Hasselhoff again with a hint of Something About Mary thrown in for good measure by Amelie Kober

16. Amelie Kober again, but different 

15. Boardercrossdresser

14 Isabella Laböck also sporting the milk maid get-up that gets those autogrammkarte collector's juices flowing

13. Isabella Laböck again, but very different

12. Julia Dujmovits celebrates her Sochi medal by going for the full psychotic pose

11. Steffi Von Siebenthal fucking loves LSD

10. Susanne Moll has a ski lift chair in her spartan living room and employs a traditionally dressed servant to feed her

9. Sigi Grebner is looking for a goggle sponsor

8. Toni Unterkoffer is looking for a snowboard sponsor

7. Isabel Derungs has a swearing finger that's doubles as a pen

6. Thomas Lambert has this face

5. Just seconds after this picture was taken, Emilie Aubry horrifically crashed into herself

knee sponsorship again, is this a thing, have I missed something?

4. Philipp Schoch loves his snowboard, a bit too much

3. Talking about loving too much...Markus Schairer paints his walls with spunk

2. Olivia Nobs...apparently

1. Talking about cocks, here's Jose Fernandes and his epically unfortunate signature

If this has inspired you to get collecting then all the action is here on the eBay 

Bonus Section - We found two other awesome autogrammkarte on our travels...

Everything about this is 1000% cool

Heini Baumgartner camel toes the shit out of autogrammkarten

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