Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Curious World of Snowboard Cosplay

Skiers dressed in damp, crotch-splitting animal onesies has been one of this seasons most notable clothing trends, but it's possible to put a lot more effort in. These days there's a group people who take dressing-up and not growing-up to another level entirely and now some of them have brought cosplaying to snowboarding. I'm an expert on pretending to be someone else, so let me guide you through the various characters and costumes...

A transformer with a hugely overcompensating codpiece...must be Cocktimus Prime

Left to right: Cocktimus Prime, his shy brother Megathong, Winston Churchill, a woman sniffing a leak and Sex Toy Man

Tardis Girl. Having sex with her must be like throwing a sausage down Regent Street.

A Ninja in drag

It's Smashing Pumkins frontman Billy Corgan

Ruroc's new prototype helmet

Madonna about to do a 'Brit awards'

A lady dressed as a generic Japanese cartoon porn character

A plethora of ruined snowboards

Katknees Everdeen

Niche porn

A lesbian

Shitara from Thundercats

A brace of Jawas

Moob Boy

& finally...

Took me a while to notice this wasn't a cosplay, it's some lad taking a picture of his snowboard and life-sized sex doll...

And this is his sinister array of masturbation pillows.

And that my friends is all you need to know about that.

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