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Top 10 designer snowboards


Looking to buy a new snowboard this season? Here’s an idea you have probably not been considering. Why not spend a couple of grand getting yourself a designer snowboard?
Over the years I’ve seen a number of fashion houses getting in on the snowboarding act and I’ve mostly ignored it, but now there are enough examples that we can actually do a top 10 count down.

These designer boards are basically just mid-range boards produced by a snowboard manufacturer, with different graphics slapped on them. What is impressive is that, by adding a graphic for a company completely at odds with snowboarding culture, the value of the board rises by up to 600%.

10. Hugo Boss
Products: Snowboard
Manufacturer: No idea
Colour: Black&White
Price: I heard you can get them for about $50

$50 and the knowledge that you are riding a board from the company that designed the Nazi uniforms

9. Ed Hardy
Products: Snowboards and outerwear
Manufacturer: The work exchange student.
Colour: Black&White
Price: These boards are posted at $429.98 on eBay but they seem to be quite happy to take $169.98 for them.

Ed Hardy is a tattoo artist who has branched out into sticking crudely drawn pictures of tigers, roses and skulls on just about anything he can, including for no apparent reason, snowboarding. They have a site with very little information and they have one whole sponsored snowboarder.
Look out for these jackets in a T.K.Maxx near you in the spring.

The Angry Snowboarder writes a bit about it, he seems agitated by the whole thing. I don't see why, they're lovely...

But I think it is best explained by this video

8. Dolce & Gabbana
Products: Outerwear
Manufacturer: NASA?
Colour: Tinfoil
Price: I don’t think you can buy these but if you really want some I’m sure they’ll knock you out a set if you throw enough money at the problem.

7. Versace
Products: Snowboard, boots, gloves and a helmet.
Manufacturer: Some sweatshop in China
Colour: Black&White
Price: Can’t find the board price but the boots are going second hand for $885

I don’t think they spent long designing this graphic.
The maze is a bit simple. It only took me twenty minutes to solve.

6. Emporio Armani
Products: Snowboard
Manufacturer: Burton
Colour: Black&White
Price: $1095 + tax

This guy bought one, he is cool.

5. Paul Smith
Products: Outerwear
Manufacturer: Burton
Colour: The 2009 jacket is available in two colourways; black shiny rubber and jacquard leopard print.
Price: $1,400 per jacket

Its Burton again and it’s their third collaboration with Paul Smith and you can buy this now. The 2009 Fall/Winter collection is a bondage-inspired snowboarding jacket that combines fashion and function with welded pockets, taped seams, a pass pocket, gauntlet cuffs and an adjustable hood.

and lots of straps to help you get caught on ski lifts.

You can also get the sweater your nan knitted for you

Our alternatively you can do it like British pro-snowboarder Johno Verity and just wear a normal Paul Smith suit.
Paul Smith suit, £400.
Linea shirt, £35. 
Linea tie, £15.
If your're interested

4. Christian Dior
Products: Snowboards
Manufacturer: Dynastar
Colour: Probably should have stuck to Black&White
Price: $1,600

This patchwork mess was available from Harrods about 6 years back, and it has haunted my dreams ever since. 

And this is the Rasta snowboard come complete with matching bags, socks, boots, thong and bear skin hat.
Dynastar make snowboards?

3. Chanel
Products: Snowboards
Manufacturer: Nidecker
Colour: Black&White
Price: $2,700

The Chanel snowboard comes complete with genuine 4 leaf clover inlaid into the board and it is finished with piano lacquer. It’s amazingly floaty...

They also had another stab at it with pretty much exactly the same design a few years ago

and that came complete with matching bindings, also in black&white

If the snowboard is a bit too pricey you could just stick with buying the boomerang..

2. Chanel Dog
Products : Acrylic on canvas, 11" x 14"
Manufacturer: Caroline St. Claire
Colour: Yes
Price: $150.00

When Samoyed dogs take over the world they will ride Chanel snowboards.

1. Balenciaga
Products : Stilettos
Manufacturer: Balenciaga
Colour: Lovely
Price: $3,600

Lastly it’s something a little different and a little more expensive. Balenciaga have been influenced by snowboarding bindings to produce a few pairs of shoes for an arse-clenching $3,600 a pop. Odd decision really as the binding would seem to be the least comfortable part of the boot/binding combo to base a shoe on.

So now you have your designer snowboard and gear you are free to ponce around the slopes lauding it over the rest of the economically afflicted snowboarding world. Keep an eye out for the diamond encrusted illicit snowboard we are designing for next season. It will be available in black&white.

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