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The Wonderfull World of Crafty Snowboarding on Etsy

Etsy has been around since 2005 offering a cosy online marketplace for people looking to sell handmade and vintage stuff. It's taken a while for them to get around to selling snowboarding paraphernalia but now there's an impressive array of tat available that you never knew you wanted. Let's take a look what you can get for your cold hard cash...

Monte Vista Shiny Vinyl Snowboard Suit - For a hefty $390 you could be dressed in this natty get-up. According to the description this is a handmade suit, probably made from bin bags.
Is not a good sign that the model is too embarrassed to show his face
Knock-Off Burton T-Shirt - If dressing like a negative Mr Stay Puft is a little out of your pricerange then this might be up your street. For $13.10 you can buy a fake Burton t-shirt from Hong Kong. It's probably handmade too.. by little Chinese children.

Vintage Vail Thermal - And if you are looking for something a little more slutty you could get this vintage mens top for $30
Vintage Snow Basin Ski Jacket - This store sure knows how to market. You can get this jacket for $95
Vintage Aspen Thermal - Slutty, slutty, slutty... and yours for $45
That's enough fash, next we look at the art.

Snowboarding in Vancouver - You can buy someone's holiday snapshot for 10 bucks 

Winter Games - If photography is your thing then this incredibly mundane picture can be yours for $21
Bonus - It is signed by the artist
Pink Trail Map - For £70 you can get a lot of colour for your money.
"A pink and purple rendering of a ski resort trail map with golden animals labeling the trails. Tiny little snowcapped trees decorate the multi-dimensional landscape as it is experienced in a visual and dance-like interaction during snowboarding and skiing. Departure from "natural" coloring accentuates the forms and the paths they display, the intensity of so many possibilities."

That's some proper artist speak. And from the same artist comes the epic...

On Her Majesty's Secret Service The Snow Wars - This eye-bursting deluge of Dali inspired action will cost you a fearsome $500, but you do get a hell of a lot of artistic concept for your money
"The view is Wolf Mountain in June Lake, California (The view form June Mountain Ski Area)...the action is a re-interpretation of scenes from the James Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service. In this painting it is a battle between the skiers and the snowboarders. Though nearly every winter sport was represented in the Bond Film, Bond only came close to snowboarding when he skied on one ski. Snowboarding first appeared in Bond films in A View to a Kill many years later. A secondary layer of meaning is present in this painting relating to snowboarding's ascension to olympic event status and the politics surrounding the Federation international de Ski's position as the governing body for snowboarding. And since June Lake, California is often called the Switzerland of California, it is a fitting location for this retelling of the Bond story taking place at the Piz Gloria in Switzerland in the film. A painterly style combined with an attention to detail make this work an exciting visual adventure for all snow sport enthusiasts." 

Thankfully there is also some art that won't make your brain bleed.

Good Cold Fun - A nice print for $20 
All that and the kid rides the whole mountain switch
Alice in Winterland - A collage on top of a "rescued" oil painting by Kevin for $225
How about this for a description from the artist:
"This is a fun one, with the nice sequential of the blindside 360 and plenty of gawkers, hawkers, crowded chairlift and...

Alice !!!

Nobody in this one is late for anything !!!


IT IS - IT IS !!!"

Its nicely done, I suspect this was the inspiration...

The same same artist (Kevin not Banksy) also has this for sale ...
Amish Road-Gap Session - for $125

Here's a genuinely talented artist called Bagalio selling some prints of his work for $15 a pop...
Love Board

Paisley Snowboarder

Snow Girl

Enough of that, here's some monkeys...
Monkey World - "Discover Monkey World an alternative universe where monkeys reign supreme!"  a print for $16

Sock Monkey Snowboarder - If monkeys are your thing then you could also get this print for $9

Before we go let's see what vintage snowboarding stuff you can buy

Burton Backyard Snowboard Woody (Snurfer) You can buy this Burton Backyard for $1,200 and apparently the "price is firm" (although just a week ago when we first looked it was listed for $900). I'm not sure why she is calling it a Snurfer, but here's how they describe it: 
"THIS IS AN OLD BURTON BACKYARD IN GOOD CONDITION, ONE OF THE FIRST SNOWBOARDS EVER MADE. THE BACK SIDE RAILS ARE MISSING, BUT ARE IN STORAGE SOMEWHERE, I AM IN THE PROCESS OF FINDING THEM. TOP IS IN GREAT SHAPE. I have seen them go for as much as $2500.00 on ebay. THIS WAS MY FIRST BOARD, and have had it for at least 25 years." (although last week it was 20 years so time really flies on Etsy)
And they're not lying, people really are paying silly money for these things. If you have $1,200 to throw at some decoration for your life then you can get most of a vintage snowboard from this seller

But if you think $1,200 for an old snowboard is a bit cheeky then check this shit out...

Shredded Coasters - For $5 there's a guy who's got the gall to try and flog you some cut-up snowboard boxes under the guise of being coasters. 
On the plus side you do get two bits of cardboard for your 5 bucks.

Abused Coasters - The other week this same guy was selling these coasters for $10, and as they are not on the site any more I can only assume that some sucker bought them
"Forget leaving a ring from a beverage on any of your furniture, protect it with these simply crafted ,100% recycled coasters!! 
These are being sold in sets of four!"
They're just some cheap Burton stomp pads you got free with Burton kit a few years ago. So if you want some awesome coasters then check out this guy's store, or alternatively just take a look in the trash behind your local snowboard store and find some for free.

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