Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The 15 Best Snowboarding Posts on Imgur

This week we scoured the depths if Imgur to find their best snowboarding posts. Imgur is the photo sharing site beloved of Redditors and the great thing about it is that the photos come with their own comments, so our caption writer was able to take the week off...

15. Real men don't snowboard, they volcanoboard

"Apparently, one simply volcanoboards into Mordor."

Don't fancy the binding set-up much.

14. My daughter's first snowboard lesson

"Great job kiddo, but I'm mesmerized by the instructors feet. I wish I could walk like that."

13. Railslide 

Looking forward to this trick being pulled out the bag at the Lympics

12. How To Snowboard, This Is The Right Way, Correct?

"...the right way if you wanna be fucking AWESOME!!"

11. Kancolle snowboard

10. Snowboard Sharpie Project...

9. Tabletop

"I definitely thought this was a penis."

7. Didn't like my snowboarding helmet, so I fixed it.

4. I guess -7 is Amish snowboarding weather.

2. Snowboarding bruise.. it goes all the way around my arm and has grown.

"As a doctor on the internet: you'll need to cut it off...at the shoulder blade"

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