Friday, January 25, 2013

Win Big with Nokia x Burton & Illicit

I'm flying off to cover the Burton European Open (otherwise known as the BEO - pronounced BeeYeow!) at the start of February courtesy of some fine fellows at Nokia. There you go readers, proof that all you have to do is write a blog for 5 years, and put in approximately 1,600 hour's (the equivalent of 200 working days) of work and things will start happening for you. Before you all rush off to start your own blog though, there's a much shorter-term opportunity to get an even better deal for just a few days of effort you might be interested in...

Calling all arty types; photographists, vidographers and drawers...
Nokia and Burton US are inviting creative enthusiasts from around the world to submit films, photographs or artwork inspired by the subculture and lifestyle of snowboarding. Participants should capture the snowboarding spirit either on and off the slopes and draw inspiration from the associated music, fashion, artwork and culture.
That's an incredibly open brief that gives you the opportunity to win an all expenses trip to the US Open, get published in a magazine, nab a Nokia 920 phone and pocket $1,000 of cash. It's all got to be submitted by the end of the month so get a wriggle on. Here's the place to get more details and submit your stuff.

Like all good art, it's going to be judged mercilessly, this time by the awesomely named Blotto Gray and his sidekick Gabe L'Heureux  (or Gabe The Happy One as he's known in English). If you're looking for something to wow those guys with, then here's some inspiration from some articles we've previously covered.

This painting of a peaceful mountain scene...
From our review of Etsy

This painting capturing the movement and majesty of snowboarders in flight...
From our review of noted French artist Pascal Jean Delorme's work

Or, this study of a snowboarding astronaut with a bad case of exploding-cock.
From our review of Fine Art America

If you're looking for some photography inspiration, the key thing is apparently the ability to talk complete nonsense and we've briefly covered that in this article.

Finally, for any movie makers out there, here are some genuine thoughts on what you could do in our article looking at the current state of snowboard movies.

Go good luck guys, to give you a final bit of inspiration here's what the marketeers at Burton have to say about it:

"We stand sideways. We sleep on floors in cramped resort hotel rooms. We get up early and go to sleep late. We've been mocked. We are relentless. We dream it, we make it, we break it, we fix it. We create. We destroy. We wreck ourselves day in and day out and yet we stomp that one trick or find that one line that keeps us coming back. We progress. We Snowboard." Burton
Seriously, when did We start talking like this?

Enter Now

There's more...
As part of my coverage of the BEO I'll be utilising a Nokia 820 (which retails for £320 or $400) and at the end of the event we'll be giving it away to some lucky person.
*probably not this colour, will be very slightly used, will come complete with strange photos of Laax and blurry shots of vaguely famous snowboardists.

It also will come complete with it's very own tiny sleeping bag...
* again could be a completely different colour or design, but you get the rough idea now.

Keep an eye out between the 4th and 9th of February for your chance to win the phone. I'm working on the details, but it will probably be some sort of caption competition, so if your the editor of Snowboarder Magazine then this ain't going to be one for you.

This post is brought to you by the letter J, the sound BeeYeow! and the folks at Nokia.

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