Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nokia Giveaway Caption Comp

Nokia gave me a phone for the Burton European Open coverage and now it's time to give it away. I promised to do this before I got the phone and after a few days of playing with it I'm regretting that decision, but my mistake is someone else's gain...

Here's what you can win:

 - A Nokia820 in red (worth £320 or $400) 
 - A tiny Nokia x Burton sleeping bag
 - A BeeYeow t-shirt - Size Mediaum
 - And a Burton BeeYeow 2013 bobble hat

Crappy photo taken with my iPhone
To win this swag all you have to do is write a caption for this photo on our Facebook page. 

I'll pick a winner on Monday 18th February. Good luck.


This story had a happy ending. The winning caption was the very minimalistic "Connecting People" and with the winner harking from Finland this has turned into a heart warming homecoming for this particular little Nokia phone.

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