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Nokia X Burton & The Dangers of Democracy

A couple of weeks ago we mentioned an art competition Nokia and Burton are running. That competition is now at the public voting stage so we decided to see how things were progressing. There was good news, bad news and sphincter-looseningly-terrifying news. The good news is that 391 people entered into the competition, the bad news is that I had to wade through 391 entries to write this article, and the sphincter-looseningly-terrifying news is that now it has come to the public vote some of the most intense crap we've ever seen is somehow winning the vote. Democracy is taking one hell of a beating, and it needs your help...

The winner of the people's choice award wins a brand new Nokia #Lumia920 smartphone and a Burton snowboard. A nice prize and at the moment that prize is going to...
This crappy picture of a natty-hatted bearded lady jumping on the spot. Somehow this has garnered 711 votes.

It's a pitiful start and unfortunately it doesn't end there. Second place is currently defiled with an incredibly dull video, and in third there's this picture of an suspiciously Photoshopped invisible Armenian...

This Instagram snap of a girl snogging a snowboard is in the top 10.

There's a fucking skier in the top 20 of a snowboarding competition.

And this is in the top 50...

Somehow the voting for this competition has been overrun by drooling nutters. Democracy is failing on levels only usually experienced in Italian politics. But there is hope my friends. With 391 submissions there are a few that are worth a look and there's still time for you to make a difference. Here's our top 10 ranked according to their current votes. See if you can back any of these and bring some sanity back to this competition...

The Top 10 Good Arty Things:

This person has actually made something. Remember when people did that? It's got 603 votes so far and it's rather lovely.

This video has 114 votes. It's not brilliantly finished, but it's a really nice idea.

I haven't seen an explosion of powder like this since the agency party I went to in London last week.

Girl kissing a snowboard, 10 seconds of effort, impressive illustration of a bloke snowboarding on a log, days of work. 10 seconds of crap - 583 votes, days of art - 72 votes.

Look at this. Just look at it....... 30 votes.
Click here to see the detailed version

Here's a man who's followed the brief. He's even managed to find a way to use that horrible marketing bollocks. This mountain looks tantalizing.

I featured it at the top. A great bit of photography by Guillaume le Guillou, who's got to be looking at those first entries and thinking about killing himself. Help prevent a needless death.

Another great photograph, this time by Jeff freaking Curtes of Nico Freaking Muller.

A fearsomely ropey flame thrower snowboard, every video should have one. It puts Signal's Every Third Thursday to shame. 12 votes for the flame thrower snowboard, 137 for a picture of a horse.

The very swashbuckling sounding Simon Riviere, submitted this nice bit of work, I was admiring in the latest Whitelines. It's a bit cheeky he's submitted something he was contracted to produce, but still its bloody excellent. Perhaps is wasn't helped by his every understated sale pitch; "An art I arted to promote a snowboard event".

So there you go people. Get involved, You have until February 13th, just a few more days to try and regain  some sanity and justice back to democracy. There's a link to each submission above and you can see to whole lot here if you want to gain a new level of hatred for GoPro and the swathes of shit they have managed to unleash on the Internet. I'm going to spend the rest of the weekend furiously mashing away at the voting buttons.

Before I go, here are three other submissions that stood out amongst the tsunami of crap.

The WTF Section

"Oh.. i am lost" By Mila Respa

Oh i am lost .
But : NO PROBLEM , i have my NOKIA snowboard ready.

"Noah's Ark is snowboarding on Mount Ararat" By Anahit Vart

From Bible: Noah's Ark floated to and fro in the four directions on the waters, making the sign of the cross, before eventually landing on Mount Ararat in the east, in the land of the sons of Raban.

"arina balerina- dancehall in the mountaits" By Arina Balerina

hey!! this video from Russia, Krasnaya Polyana! i like dancing and snowboarding!!
cool idea to join them together!)

This article was brought to you by Nokia and the letter J.

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