Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Burton European Open 2013 - All the really important bits from days 1-4

I've been here since Sunday getting into the spirit of this event. It's the first time I've gone out of my way to go to one of these competitions. Here's what I've found so far...

Day One
powderday. These guys traipsing up through the snowpark were the highlight of day one of the qualifications.

I went snowboarding.

Day Two
High winds closed the top of the mountain forced the Nokia folks to produce a very minimalist approach to their stand. 
Just a coffee urn and a dance floor.
I went snowboarding.

Day Three 
This was the first day the event made some progress. The Nokia guys got their tent up, I watched for a bit and then I went snowboarding.

Here are the ten most important things you need to know about what happened on the third day.

Important Thing Number 1
Shaun White is here

When he's finished his Bar Tegia Larnags party he's off to front this awesome looking gig.

Then Shaun White's getting his hair cut again

Then he'll be starring in your nightmares.

Important Thing Number 2
I tried to interview Jamie 'Guttermounth' Nicholls, but he just wouldn't stop dropping the f bombs so I had to scratch that.

Important Thing Number 3
Look at the fucking size of this bloke's one...
They're selling a 222cm snowboard made by Radical in on one of the shops. For a sense of scale I asked the shop guy to stand awkwardly next to it. He fulfilled the task competently.
It's your's for just £2,000 if you like snowboarding, but don't like turning or being able to take it on lifts.

The same store had this in the window.
I bought this ensemble immediately.

Important Thing Number 4
This is how the Swiss buy their eggs.
The Swiss egg marketers have to pull out all the stops to compete with the food behemoth that is Toblerone, which has an entire rack to itself in the little local supermarket.

While we're on the topic of chocolate...
Just me?

Important Thing Number 5
I've been snowboarding for years and seeing these guys shit on everything I've ever managed is more than a bit humbling. On the plus side, all of these professional snowboarders are so incredibly dinky, it's made me feel like a giant. Those pictures you see of the professional snowboarders in the magazines... actual size.

Important Thing Number 6
Figuring out what this was...

Important Thing Number 7
Have you ever seen a piste map with this level of restaurant detail before?
Proof that Laax is the poshest resort I've ever been to. 

Important Thing Number 8
The official poster of the Burton European Open is plastered everywhere. This guy's face is really starting to freak me out.
Don't even ask me to explain the crotch.

Important Thing Number 9
Watch out for Samuel L Jackson wheelying his BMX.

Important Thing Number 10
Watch out for....!?!
This sign was confusing, the lady I started spooning as we went through the barriers didn't seem to think I interpreted it correctly.

Day Four
It's snowing again, pretty much everything is cancelled. I'm off snowboarding.

These photos and my presence here were brought to you by Nokia. My journalism and photography skills, not their fault.

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