Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wikipedia’s definition of a B-list celebrity:
“Someone that somehow achieves a small amount of transient fame, through hype or mass media, is stereotyped as a B-list celebrity. Often the stereotype extends to someone that falls short of mainstream or persistent fame but seeks to extend or exploit it.” 
And in the snowboarding world Jesse Csincsak is that stereotype. If you want to know how he achieved these dizzy celebrity heights, or if you fancy becoming a B-list snowboarding celebrity yourself, here’s how it’s done…

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Writing an article on the internet is a bit like writing a book on a typewriter that occasionally prints out a page of hardcore porn. While we research our weekly articles we unavoidably come across some pretty strange things on the edge of the snowboarding world and because we are committed internet journalists, when we spot a trend, no matter how weird or offensive it is, we feel it’s our job to share them with you. This week we look at a very strange snowboarding niche developed by some pretty disturbing minds – Erotic Snowboard Art.  Warning - towards the end it’s definitely NSFW and very probably not much good for your soul either...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

We‘re currently in the midst of the snowboard industry’s glitzy awards show season and at this time of year everyone is busy ranking snowboarders. Transworld Snowboarding threw the latest show on the 29th of January when they hosted the 12th Annual Riders Poll Awards. In those awards 100 professional snowboarders voted for their rider of the year from a shortlist of just 3 people. That doesn’t sound like a great way of deciding these things to us. You wouldn’t, for example, want the presidency of the United States to be decided by 100 politicians from a short list of 3 people that Rupert Murdock had bodged together.

This week we decided to find out if there was a better way of deciding these things. We wanted to find a more scientific method of measuring something as intangible as snowboarding and we wanted to find a method that allowed us to compare a lot more than just 3 snowboarders. Here’s what we found...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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