Thursday, October 11, 2012

50 pictures of Shaun White being a dick

The other day, while we were Facebook stalking, one of our imaginary friends mused; "So far what I've learnt from working in Action Sports media is that the only 2 things that sell are tits and Shaun White". Well, we've done tits to death, so here's fifty pictures of snowboarding's very own ginger Brian May...

Of course technically Shaun White is also a tit, so that's only really one thing that sells in action sports. He's also a dick. 

Designer Hawaiian pyjamas wearing dick

Gothic jeggings dick

Snow leopard leggings dick

Ordinary leopard leggings and Tony Hawk fumbling Shaun White's dick

Moustache dick

Red carpet posing dick

Cravat dick

At the Olympics wearing a bow-tie dick

As a gaper grom dick, although to be fair at this point is was his parent's fault, dicks

Fur coat wearing, pony-tailed dick

'Meet the coolest kid in America' dick

Bottle dick

Pretending not to have a dick, dick

Tim Minchin looking dick

Dressing your seriously unimpressed dog in human clothes with your name carefully embroidered onto them dick. 

Shiny purple jacket dick

Jaunty hat wearing dick

Cricket, a sport for dicks.

Humiliating another dog dick

Tooled-up Ralph Macchio dick

Not Shaun Palmer dick

Pouting dick. Although to be fair this is a screen capture of a fairly OK advert he did for Target. Still, Target, dick.

Shittiest pose by an Oakley pro dick

Too-many-buttons-unbottoned on your blouse 'Big Red' dick

Shirtless, air-guitaring, white jeans wearing dick.

Knitwear dick

Purple suit with umbrella skateboarding dick

Another shit Oakley ad dick

Inappropriately dressed for the inclement weather conditions dick

Clothes that match his brashly-expensive-yet-entirely-unsuitable-for-driving-in-snowy-conditions car dick

Sniffing dirty sock photo shoot dick. Also fairly lights using dick.

All other snowboarders ignoring his dickish antics dick

Pat Cash looking 'action hero' dick

US olympic snowboard team dressed in poncey Ralph Lauren clown outfits dicks 

Wearing a raccoon tail in twenty first century dick

'Style Icon' what the fuck dick

'X-Treme' dick

X-Games dick

Pretending his leg is a guitar dick

Yet another fucking awful Oakley ad dick

Red Bull bathing dick with tantalisingly positioned electrical coffee maker

Putting his own face through his own face on his own brand 'mintacular' sugar free gum dick

A dick, being a dick with another dick

A dick, dressed like a dick, with another dick, who's posing like the dick did in the previous photo of the dick, with a dick.

A dick, with a dick, looking like a dick to such an extent that the dick, who's also dressing like a dick, looks uncomfortable with the level of dickishness of the other dick.

Furry Dexys Midnight Runners looking dick

Mesmerising dick

Pretending to trash a hotel room dick

Caught trashing a hotel room in 2007 dick


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  1. hahah what an asshole.

  2. You Brits are insecure, eh? Dicks

    1. nothing to do with the brits, white is a fucking dick-much like yourself.

    2. But he is the most consistent competition mega-huckster out there...
      also really-really marketable. Which leads me to the marketing
      people that decide the styles Shawn wears. It's a job. I would wear
      a frickin' clown suit around for a million$. Except Shawn has skills that I
      can only watch in disbelief...still ten years later. Even in a clown suit.
      Cheers to Shawn for being a really successful SNOWBOARDER!!!

    3. So let me get this right; you think his sponsors marketing team decide what he wears? You genuinely think that job exists? Who are these marketing people working for and why would they dress him like an ageing rocker? I'm really not following the logic. Maybe its the same marketing team that advises him to get into fights in hotels?

  3. This is the best thing I have seen all fucking day! Maybe week!

  4. Ignorant stupid post. Get a life people. Jealousy is a bitch.

  5. Do not ever say Mega-Huckster, even if it is in reference to a dick. Your snowboard pass just got revoked. Dick.

  6. he stole a dudes line who broke his ankle. the guy who he stole it from didnt learn it in a fucking foam pit. he had to get a new board cause other snowboarders stuck target stickers on his board and that made the board not work or something? redbull fired him for being a dick too. Shaun White would get his ass beat in Alaska that is why he doesnt come up here

  7. Third to last is an imiatation of a dali photo

  8. Not to take anything away from the argument but that is an actual job. Different scale but tiger woods famously can only be seen wearing nike

  9. don't you just love people who have no talent,. tearing down an icon in not one but a few industries,.. shit that guy is good by me any fucking day,.. I have been boarding since the inception of the sport and SW has been in a long time,.. how bout you! What the fuck have you done!

  10. Thank you! secretly wishing to be as half as talented but, gonna talk mess about him any way

  11. Thank you for posting those pics. HE IS SO HOT!!!!!

  12. seriously. people need to get off shaun's ass!!!!! he is a very talented young man. he has a wonderful sense of humor and that what in each picture! leave him be! you are all just jealous of his talent! go shauny!


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