Saturday, December 20, 2008

World Snowboard Day

Sunday the 21st is World Snowboard Day

I always thought World Days were used to stop things we didn’t want like AIDs, child labour and Vegans, so I was a little bit worried to discover that there is a World Snowboarding Day.

1st November - Support the fight against Vegans.
They won't have the energy to put up much of a fight so it should only take one day.
Child labour. Is it always a bad thing? That kicker is not going to build itself!

Good news though. World Days are apparently also used to promote good things like...

Nutella - February 5th

and rats - April 4th

World Rat Day. Not much of a budget.

So thankfully World Snowboard Day isn’t a strange communist conspiracy to stop all our fun but what exactly is it for. Is snowboarding in danger?

Here’s an Interesting fact; snowboarding is on the decline. After years of being one of the fastest growing sports around we have actually started to lose snowboarders. They’ve not been lost through carelessness, they’ve not even been lost in accidents or because of global warming; nope, the numbers of snowboarders have dropped because snowboarding is no longer cool.

This is a record of US snowboarders.
(Addition of giant snowboarder is not statistically significant)

Yup snowboarding is no longer the sort of cool, must-do sport that drove thousands of people to buy snowboards they would only use once and now flood eBay with. The lost snowboarders were the sort of people that got involved when they heard it was the thing to do. However once they found out that it’s really not that easy and that in the first week you will have an arse that feels like you’ve just experienced your first night in prison, they got perturbed and gave up. (You can bet it’s still on their resumé though)

* Please note - Computer game may not represent real life.

Is this decline something to worry about?

In short - no. This is the sorting the wheat from the chaff that always happens after a sport grows as fast as ours did. Snowboarding is big enough and ugly enough to survive and it leaves more room for the people that are really addicted to this thing.

In related news...

  • The same stats show that snowboarding is still very much a sausage fest with 73.50% of snowboarders being male.
  • And we are all still fresh-faced young whippersnappers with an average age of just 21.6.

So is World Snowboard Day designed to fight against this decline? From the press release I have no clue. It just seems to be full of the promise that a plague of frantic and psychedelic snowboarding will ensue on this day.
OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE - This year again and before their Christmas gifts delivery, Santa Claus and his assistants, promised us that they will be present on Sunday, December 21st, 2008, to help us prepare the World Snowboard Day magic potion.

The ingredients to make a successful WSD: Combine good snow and nice weather, Mix well with conviviality and good spirit, Add more than 15 countries, 60 resorts and a hundred of motivated organizers, And you will obtain a crazy World Snowboard Day!!! The World Snowboard Day is nothing more than a snowboard celebration all over the world. Everyone is welcome to make it a big success: rookies, intermediates, pro riders, teachers, beginners or snowboard addicts! You like snowboard? Just do it and organize your local event. No needs for money or big organization. Your goodwill is enough.

So, ready to attend the World Snowboard Day this Sunday, December 21st, and share with us this exceptional moment? Listen carefully to its preparation instructions and take notes: Concocted by EuroSIMA (European Boardsports Industry Manufacturers Association) and the WSF (World Snowboard Federation), this recipe is an achieved triumph for everyone. Many activities are planned: demos, initiations, concerts, product testing, pro riders signings, environmental awareness, barbecues, parties… so that thousands of people could discover for free snowboarding and its culture this Sunday, December 21st, in a festive atmosphere and overflowing sensations. Visit

To investigate further I went to great investigative lengths and visited the site. I was pretty disturbed to see that they are some kind of organisation promoting snowboard loving. That's some pretty niche porn.

In summary though, I really have no clue what World Snowboard Day is about. It can’t be doing much because it’s apparently the 3rd year and we’ve never heard of it before. The obscurity of World Snowboard Day is possibly because there are two more significant things that also happen on the 21st December:

1. World Orgasm Day

I plan to celebrate World Orgasm Day in the morning and
then sleep through World Snowboard Day

2. The end of the World
The 21st December 2012 is the end of the world according to some people including the person who actually spent some of their precious last days creating this pretty dull Enya smothered YouTube post. No idea why it will be this date but it must be true because God told this nutter.

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  1. 73.5% guy snowboaders that rediculous! I'm proudly a girl snowboarder and I'm sick of only boarding with guys all the time. There should be a World Chick Snowboarding day! (Granted most girl boarders are pretty shitty)


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