Thursday, February 2, 2012

Illicit Snowboarding got a mention in Whitelines...sort of

We were flicking through issue 101 of Whitelines magazine this week when we were surprised to see our site getting a mention. Ed Andrews, the Online Editor of Huck Magazine, has been writing a good value opinion column for Whitelines this season and it looks like we inspired his latest one. The only downside to the whole affair is that we didn't actually get named...

Here's the article on page 50...
We're pretty sure that we are all over his first paragraph like a cheap suit. Here's our reasoning.

The first sentence - "On a recent trawl through the filth, hate and downright depravity that lurks on the internet, I came across something rather awesome."

Does this describe illicit?
  • Filth - Check
  • Hate -  Check
  • Depravity -  Check
  • Lurking - Big time!
  • Awesome - Not wanting to boast, we thought we'd look this one up on Google. If we are rather awesome, apparently we are not as awesome as these VAG Specialists. Fair enough.

Not convinced yet? We'll give you that, so far it's a bit inconclusive, at least until we become Google certified muff experts. Let's crack on with the rest of the paragraph:
"It was a collection of covers from Popular Mechanics magazine dating back to the early 20th century. These various old-fashioned illustrations attempted to predict the snowsports that our generation would be indulging in. Their soothsaying abilities ranges from the naïve to the ridiculous: sleighs towed by polar bears (obviously relying on a revolutionary new drug to make them not eat their slave master), wings that actually let you take off and fly (ok, James Bond sort of did this circa 1977, post-coitally of course) and a skier being towed along by a helicopter (the phrase ‘accident waiting to happen’ sprung to mind)."

And here are those particular covers from our article The Epic Snowsports Our Grandparents Predicted We’d Be Doing
Making polar bears our bitches, Ronald Regan (with unverified coital situation) and Back to the Futuring a chopper  
- Check, Check and Check.
So there you go, it was most definitely us. Shame we didn't get a name drop in the magazine this time, but glad you liked our shit Mr Andrews. If any of you guys ever want us to write anything for your magazines just let us know.

Now Read This... 
There's lots more ball-shrinkingly-dangerous sports where those three examples came from and they all come with lashings of witticisms.

Here’s the PopularMechanics article 

And here's our more recent article on Popular Science 

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