Thursday, July 24, 2014

The World's 16 Most Awkward Snowboard Model Photoshoots

Before Christmas go we took a look at the most awkward snowboard company ever. Part of what made them so outstanding was their impressively awkward model photo shoot. We wondered if it was actually possible to photograph scantily clad models with snowboards and for it not to be awkward...

All of the following photos were taken by professionals.

Snowboarding Sam by Craig Muir

Snowboarding Sam, has the most aggressive forward-angled wide-stance binding set-up I've ever seen.
Also Snowboarding Sam has size 14 feet.

It's another silly grey ear flap hat. Turns out that this type of head gear is the awkward snowboard model uniform of choice...

Erika Odara by Dan Roerick

hat again

Catrina by Holt Photography

and another hat

Modeling Portfolio Shoot for Carly Hougan, AKA Carly Jo by iWink Studios

and hat again.

Then throw in some standard 'can't carry a snowboard' action


Kylie - SNOWBOARD MODEL by Peterborough Photo

OK, not a bad start

And it's straight into another bad case of a model that can't carry a snowboard

Is she only a foot tall?

Not too awkward. Let's pan out...

 OK awkward

Margo I by Segrei Kurzanov

A little awkward

And blam! There it is again. Full awkward.

Winter Wonderland by Kenny Sanchez

It's like a Boznuts Instagram photo

July 4 by Anna Kuznetsova

Woman with impressive sideburns awkwardly seduces inanimate object.

Naked Snowboarding by Radoslaw Stuba

What's that smell? Have I trodden in a turd?

Can you help me?...

I seem to have misplaced my dignity

And the awkwardness continues even when the photo shoots are in snowboarding's natural environment...

Snowboard! by Miguel Aguilera

 I hold it like this?

 Like this?

Use it as an elbow rest? This doesn't seem all that stable...

Fuck it!

Sexy Snowboarders by Mhpmodels Red Deer

Can't carry snowboard again, now with a box of matches tucked under her goggles?

Ear muffs and a helmet awkward

Snowboard Swimwear by Pete Spinger

This shoot goes straight for the classics:  Here's yet another can't-hold-a-snowboard pose.

A bikini change later and it's another one, along with the future classic having-a-poo pose.

Snow Photoshoot at 3000m by Claude Schnieder

This brace of fools, took awkward posing to a whole new level, about 3000m to be precise.

That lad is as camp as a row of tents.

Disembodied head awkward

Belly-sucking awkward

Insane Dolt

Elena - the snowboard girl by Ilka Antonova

The snowboard girl? It's a bloke right?

Another classic elbow rest stance, but I'm still not convinced.

Nah, I'm not buying it. The board's definitely there to hide the sausage.

Snow Board Girl by Tony Mandarich

Ow gawd!!

That was a whole swathe of awkward and it looks like awkward model posing has progressed to a whole new level. Since we first diagnosed the can't carry snowboards pose, it looks like the world's photographers are expanding their bag of awkward tricks with the emergence of the elbow rest stance, the taking-a-shit shot and the now prolific silly-ear-flap-hat. Not only has this exercise scientifically proven beyond reasonable doubt that snowboard model photo shoots are always immensely awkward, but it looks like it's going to be the standard state of affairs for years to come.

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  1. Did knw u snowboard in bikinis lol wow

  2. lol this is disgusting but some of the chics are hot


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