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The Hypersexualisation of Snowboarding – 12 Pro Snowboarders Who Got Their Kit Off For Mainstream Magazines

Photo by kind permission of Nathan Gallagher, who is not at fault for, and bears no responsibility for, the subsequent hacking up, crude Photoshoppery and desecration by larey scribbling, of the original artwork
I was reading this interesting article in Huck Magazine by Cori Schumacher about the recent trend of hypersexualising female surfers and the problems it causes. It’s an interesting and thought provoking read. Anyway here are the professional snowboarders who have decided to get in on that trend by posing for glamour shots in mainstream magazines…

Alexis Waite – The former US snowboarder is, according to her website, now “changing, growing, and seeing the universe more clearly than ever before”, but before she did that she glammed it up in this Maxim photo shoot

and Alexis Waite apparently fucking loves cocaine

Emily Williams – The UK rider showed some flesh for the short-lived female-focused magazine Charlatan pretending to be a book-end. It was a short-lived magazine because photo shoots like this don't tend to work in female-focused magazines.

Alexandra Jekova – The Bulgarian boardercrosser got revealing for a set of photos in another seemingly defunct magazine, SLAVY. 

Hannah Teter – US Olympic halfpipe champion, philanthropist and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, she'll pretty much take her clothes off at the drop of a hat. 

Here's more pictures from that photo shoot and a short interview with her about why she did it, she mentions the word fun five times, you get a sense she did it for fun. The money from the Sports Illustrated shoot went straight to her charity Sweet Cheeks Panties. 
And we're a big fan of the charity

here's how she promotes the charity. Wonder when we'll see Bill Gates doing this?

Clair Bidez – Nope, never heard of her either. She joined Hannah Teter in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and here's a plethora of pictures of her

We still haven't heard of her.

Tara Dakides – The snowboard legend, movie star and two-time men's magazine titillator appearing in both Maxim and FHM.
And in between the two someone coloured in her tattoo.

Dakides in the middle, Bleiler in the right, lady on the left with the panties malfunction and horrifying facial twitch is not a snowboarder.

Gretchen Bleiler – Professional glamour model and prolific magazine fodder Bleiler has gone even further than her fellow FHM photobuddy and has so far appeared scantily clad in three magazines; FHM, Maxim and she went full monty for ESPN.

Here's a video of the photo shoot...

Rob Fagan – Yeah, we got men too, this is an equal opportunities site. Rob Fagan the Canadian boardercrossee got naked for the female readership of Chatelaine Magazine to celebrate the Vancouver Olympics.

Jono Wood – Former British pro snowboarder, now artist and skateboard designer Jono Wood got smaltry for Cosmopolitan magazine. 

Seth Wescott – Toning it down slightly for OK Magazine the US Two time boardercross Olympic gold medalist went shirtless before the Vancouver Olympics.

Shaun White – Ginger park wizard and media whore Shaun White loves getting topless specifically for the audience of Rolling Stone magazine, he’s treated them to pictures of his pasty-skinned torso twice so far.
Coolest Kid in America

Coolest Adult in America? Not so much.

Louis Vito – The famous American dancer and Shaun White understudy finally went one better than his nemesis when he, like Gretchen Bleiler bared all for ESPN. He's quite a fan of getting his kit off, he went shirtless for OK Magazine and he even managed to use the official US Olympics team photo shoot as another opportunity to do it again.


If you're an aspiring pro snowboarder and you want to build your profile in front of a mainstream audience the secret is clearly just taking your clothes off. Good luck.

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  1. Cocaine! Hahaha, that's awesome, the best i have heard on that pic!!! I definitely got my party on in my days in snowboarding, but I never tried cocaine, heard it's great fun though. I wasn't into drugs personally, and still no desire. It doesn't so much jive with a spiritual awakening, so probably not gonna start this lifetime.
    There was always pressure to pump your female career thru your sexuality if you had some sex appeal, I did, i did it, it's strange and I'm glad I am not in this arena with that kind of pressure anymore! Thank God I never did Playboy or anything! I regret nothing and I am glad I am past it. Good luck ladies and men in today's snowboard realm, you'll need it, walk away when the fun fades and enjoy every minute you have :)... and PS there is life after snowboarding and it's BEAUTIFUL!


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