Thursday, May 3, 2012

Top 20 Dumbest Snowboard Questions on Yahoo Answers...Answered

When you have a question to ask that's so stupid you can't ask anyone you know then why not post it on Yahoo Anwsers, the internet's repository for defeat. Today we try to help these people by answering some of their snowboarding-related conundrums...

Eat a shit load of fast food and stop exercising; they'll be tight on you in no time.

Stop smoking dope in the car

Use a noose. That should finish it off

To fix it - use a straw.
Yours faithfully,

(a Burton!!!)

OK then...If you don't know how to do up boots you shouldn't be living.

One's a spinny-flip and the other's a flippy-spin.

Three possible answers...

1. Tool-up, proclaim yourself Pharoh, enslave you're friends and get them to build it for you.
2. Continue to be uselessly apathetic about life, sit back and wait a few millennia and fingers crossed volcanism produce a hill for you.
3. "How do I make a snowboard drop-in without using wood?" - Ask it nicely.


a. Leather, plastic or plasticizied fabrics.
b. Dickhead

Really? You figured the best place to ask for some seriously specific and important medical advice was on Yahoo Answers?



It's a $5 snowboard. The answer, my friend, is in the question.

Why don't you ask your buddy Shaun White while you're getting him to autograph it?

Buying the parts is significantly cheaper, but then so is buying the parts for an iPhone or car. Good luck.

It's theft prevention, its similar to how people with shit tattoos don't get laid.

The color of depression

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  1. This is lame. Terribly un-funny replies to questions that aren't even that stupid.

    1. Thanks for reviewing your own comment. We agree, it is lame.

  2. i agree some of the replies aren't at all funny, but ALL of these questions are just so ridiculously fuckin' stupid.

  3. Oozy appa loofa nisawacks

  4. Hah hAh u fart way way Nickie modem loo loo iky

  5. U suck jk maybe 😕❓

  6. this is incredibly idiotic. the questions are clearly from beginners. instead of being an ass, why don't you ACTUALLY HELP the newbies?


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